Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Ehem.. i am burnt to a crisp. We all fell asleep midafternoon at the beach while reading. The time there was fantastic but trying to sleep while your skin is disintigrating is not fun. Besides.. Aloe is 10 bucks for like 20 ounces. Yuck. Prices are so strange here... a haircut, awesome highlights, and styling is 12 bucks. That would be like 80 in US. yet things like aloe, lotion, shoes etc that are imports are the same price or higher. Mostly because theyre imports whereas labor is way cheap. Thats why food is relatively cheap. We had the best pineapple/ham pizza last night.

I am excited to say Coca Cola and Fanta are prominent in Montevideo. My caffeine fix is regularly attended to. It is the same price for water and coke.. so the obvious choice is made.

Didnt go running with the group today, my burnt ouchies would not allow. But i will return!

I have tons of homework today. And I am so not happy with my convo class. Its going to be so difficult it makes me want to cry. We apparently have to talk to Uruguayans on a daily basis to get answers to talk about in class. Scary. Frustrating. Challenging.

I am emotional right now. I dont know if its culture shock kicking in or other natural female phenomena. The mixture of both is probably closest to the truth.

I miss Stephen. I was happy to talk to my mom and dad this week.

Pray for my dad, he is in denmark for a few days, still on crutches, but doing better.

My church back in Abilene had a van accident on the way back from a youth group trip. One boy died, many are injured including our preachers son. The woman driving needs a lot of prayer. That is a big load to carry, she is injured as well. It is so sad.

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