Monday, January 17, 2005

First Day of Classes

Yesterday was Sunday and we had a lot of fun. We went to church downstairs and got to meet and talk to a lot of the congregation. They are so excited to have us here. The singing was fun in spanish, and the sermon was hard to understand but it sounded pretty solid. After that we had lunch with the congregation. Again we got to talk to a lot of people. i got to talk to a man from the church he praciced english while I practiced spanish.. hehe.. After that some of us went to the Feria which is like the sunday market where all the stores bring their merchandise to the neighborhood and sell there. There was an entire block of amazing antiguedas shops (antiques). After that it was naptime. Stephen called later. It was good to talk to him. Then I heard a guitar and a bunch of us went and sang songs for about 2 hours finally going to bed late.

Today I woke up with some of the group to start our running routine. We ran about 2 miles and it wasnt so bad. Hopefully I can keep up if they keep adding and speeding up.

Classes started today. Global studies looks interesting. My spanish Conversation class is PETRIFYING.. the lady who teaches it is wonderful and does her best to pronunciate and help us understand. But its really difficult. I do however know that I will be FORCED to learn spanish in that class so that is really good.

We went to the Brazilian Consulate today to get our visas for our trip to Brazil next week. We are gone for 7 days to see Iguazu Falls and many things along the way! Yippee!

Funny stories:
It takes 14 people in an Uruguayan elevator to get lost.. on the elevator. We pressed the wrong button went to the basement, then the top flor and then down one by one to the right floor. We are dumb.

41 pesos and a taxi later we almost died when our driver decided to go into oncoming traffic to push the car in front of our into the middle of two lanes and then yell at him for doing so.

Us girls were giggling in the back while daniel almost peed his pants up front.

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