Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday Fun

I just got back from class stuff a little while ago. It feels good to have my exam over and paper in. Today we got to spend a lot of time asking questions and talking to Ronnie Rama. He was the one who built our dorms in Uruguay and lived in Montevideo with his family for many many years. He was a really nice man and a lot of fun to talk to. It was nice to actually get applicable and useful tips rather than broad things that we'll forget. Even knowing things like how people get on buses, and how to hail a taxi from the street, or what to say when you want ice in your drink. It was really good to get to spend more time with the other people going. It was kind of disconcerting because all the girls I talked to already have their living situation in order for next year. I guess its not a big deal since at this point I am plannng on getting my own apartment, but it still makes me a little antsy.

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Julie said...

i like gilmore girls. i like quesedillas. and i like you sleeping on our couch. it's nice to know that if anyone tried to break in our house, they would have you to reckon with, leaping from the couch and performing some incredible dance moves to drums from "drumline."