Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So yesterday or so I recieved an email from youthworks after inquiring because I hadn't gotten an email from them regarding the possibility of my employment with them this summer..

I AM EMPLOYED!!!!!! I get to be the Kids Club staff for this summer.. I don't know my location yet, and won't for another month or so until all staff are hired, but I am SOO excited. Mostly because I have wanted this since I heard about it, two because I really need a job, three because it is PERFECT and four because it will be an AMAZING challenge!! I can't wait to struggle and wrestle and work hard and be exhausted and see amazing impacts in the lives of young people. All I know is I remember how those trips changed my life over and over again and how much I wan that to happen for them. Mostly I want it to continue to impact them after their trips! Oh man I am excited! I exclaimed to the group here cuz I have been so worried about it and they were pumped too! I do wish however that I could just call everyone everywhere that knew about it so that they could exclaim with me. for now email blog and messenger are getting used like crazy!!!

I got to talk to Erin, last semesters roommate, yesterday. I miss that girl. I am sad she transferred though I am happy to hear it is going ok. I hope she feels like last semester was survivable. I don't think I wouldve made it without her last semester at all. I miss whining about shaena and astronomy and Int. Comms. and all sorts of other crap. Plus our outings and dinners and Nasty ROSAS. yucky. Girl you are great and I hope to see you next semester when you are in town!

I have been teaching the girls here the shades tryout routine I learned last year. I kept getting it stuck in my head and wanted to figure it out and they asked to learn it. Now we are slightly adapting it and probably doing it for our "talent show" that we are apparently doing in march. I am apparently also doing a stewart skit with alli. heheh.. hmmmm.. that should be interesting..

Jeremy got a tattoo yesterday. And although it sounds fun and I teeter on the edge of wanting another one, or getting another piercing in my ear, I think I have decided against it. I have considered touching up my tattoo just cuz the sun has bleached and faded it a bit. But i dont think I will get anything new. Although I saw a cute gecko design I liked, but it had no significance so unless i can unrealistically convince myself it signifies Uruguay.. Prolly not.. hehehe

So no worries stephen and padre, I wont be anymore marked up.. If I can remain strong against the tumult of temptation in my mind.


sbchill said...

PINOCHLE--I am so happy for you!! I know how much you have wanted this...I'll just bet you are doing the happy dance all over the place!! No a gecko does NOT represent Uruguay..I vote no more tattoos, you'll regret them later..Boy I sound as old a I am dont I??

I am feeling better today and got paid so all is well with the world..

Love MOM

Julie said...

tattoos are evil! congratulations on your job! we are reading a portuguese book in one of my classes and it makes me think of you. except that it's depressing. but you know what i mean... :)