Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So today was spent attempting to nap in my room, whilst my roommate attempted the same, much to our dismay this said nap did not occur due to constant nostalgic(sp?) longings that were swirling uncontrollably through our minds....

Hence lists:
I miss:
Taco Bell... oh double decker supreme no tomatoes and a mountain dew with REFILLS
Walmart.. anything, everything
McDonalds.. though they are here, they dont understand me!!
Quiet, alone time, being alone, being lonely,
My cats, my mom, stephen, brooke, RM, Jules, Whit, Stev, Erin, dad, stephen's roommates.
My cochita... driving, leaving ON TIME.. arriving ON TIME.. my CD's
Ultimate...mmmmm.. physical activity in general seems to have ceased.
English libraries, magazines, tv, radio

I cant wait to:
see people when I get back..
get my apartment when I get back in august
buy a coffee maker... I feel so domestic
have my cats in my apartment (SOOO PUMPED)
Live next to Brooke and Michelle (if Im so lucky:P)
chill out with stephen, go to abuelos, see bret and summer etc.
leave for youthworks and have an amazing summer
be active.. at anything.. I want to play volleyball more next sem! or tennis!
sleep in my OWN ROOM

Im too lazy to think of anymore...

Our friends from Mendoza are in town tonight. we're gonna hang out with them after our last tango class tonight.. sad.. oh well we're going dancing again this weekend before spring break stuff! WOOT WOOT!

not looking forward to:
19 hours next semester
not talking to stephen whilst he is in Sudan/Uganda/Europe(arg :P)
driving across town to classes
taking Adv. Spanish Grammar YUCKY YUCKY
no dulce de leche, crappy steaks and less dancing
flat texas compared to amazing SA
not seeing my parents until... whenever.
RM deciding not to come to ACU next semester
coming back to half my friends graduated or "married off"


Julie said...

watch out for all that dancing, now, lest the phrase "fruit of my loins" have to be used! babies happen when hips start flappin.'

or so ive heard. ;-) i can't wait to see you! and even if you don't want to, you have to come see me get "married off" in august!

Julie said...

and one time, i tried to get bret to have a dance party with me. i blasted "hey ya" and got my groove on. and he...stood there, laughing at me. it was awesome. end scene.

Bret Morris said...

Wow! In listing the things you miss, you listed your cats before Stephen. I bet Stephen is hurt.


Bret Morris said...
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stephen said...


Man you got to love that Guy!