Sunday, March 13, 2005

Schedule for next semester... looks.. fun.

So I figured out my schedule for next semester.. sadly.

Monday(MWF) Tuesday Thursday
8am 8am Adv. Spanish Grammar
9am French I 930 Mexico: Growth and Culture
10am Nutrition
11am Chapel 11am Chapel
2pm German
3pm Gymnastics(MWonly)
630 International Relations(M only)

What does all that mean? 19 hours, classes in 4 different languages including english.

BUT! I have Tues, Thurs, Friday afternoons totally free after lunch. Which is INCREDIBLY exciting. I have almost an identical schedule to last semester. I almost attempted to have tuesday thursdays free, but upon reconsidering I realized if I plan to live across town there IS NO WAY i will want to go to chapel on TR's.... so here it is. Im excited. RM is taking tumbling with me... and the language classes will be fun. I might even let stephen audit french since there is only one section (much to my dismay :P). Who knows.. maybe a little competition will be good for me... Id love to beat the "grad student" and wouldnt feel too bad if he did better.. he does have his bachelors after all.. either way despite, uncomfort.. it would be win win for me.

We found out today that the Roanes are no longer going to be doing study abroad Montevideo after this semester. Which means the program might "die unless we can do something about it. That makes me sad. We are having a meeting tonight for ideas. I hope we can do something. Besides I have to do a project anyway for my Gilman Scholarship.. if theres no program.. what can I promote?


Tark said...

I'm so gonna be your TA for your Nutrition class!

Julie said...

french is sublime. c'est fantastique! :-) i hope you're having fun outside the country. bret and i are looking at possible honeymoon sites, and we are considering mackinac island in michigan! no cars allowed, only bikes and horses. i don't think i would want to leave! i miss you, girlie girl.