Friday, March 25, 2005

Bariloche SBO5

So here we are in bariloche. Been here since saturday night and have had a blast. we leave tomorrow... im sad to miss the relaxin and the cool people but pumped for an empty house and banana splits..

so far we have done some tours, "fishing", death by rafting, and some horseback riding. Plus hittin up the popular pub and meeting some awesome people.. shopping galore and relaxing ALOT. Its amazingly beautiful here and nice and cold.. mmmmmm..... no snow though..

I will post more tomorrow when we get back but know that I am alive and will return tomorrow. Parentals and Stephen feel free to call or email to be called on sunday.. we may go to the beach in the afternoon but night will be open untill late most likely.. LOTS O HOMEWORK

Love yall!

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Erin said...

Hey girl,
Thanks for the thought of the necklace. It's ok that you didn't get it. Haha would have been nice, but i'm glad you thought of me. Sorry i didn't answer you i forgot to put up an away message. I hope you had a great time. Oh yeah by the way speaking of getting stuff. Remember how you want those long shorts? Well old navy is also selling bermuda shorts and if you think you'd like those let me know what size otherwise if you can tell me somewhere else or a guys size. I'm only going to abline one more time so i gotta get them haha so i can give them to stephen. Time has flown by so fast, i hope it didn't seem like that for you since your abroad and getting to do things unimaginable. Oh yeah I GOT AN APARTMENT. So you and whoever you want to bring will have to come see me. We can go on the river, go shopping, go to austin and hit some clubs. Haha no, dancing is bad. But still don't hesitate to come, just like i'm not going to with you heh. Well i miss you tons girl. HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!! By the way is that the right saying for this holiday or what not? I never know. Well goodnight. - Erin