Sunday, March 06, 2005


Hey y'all, I have returned from Mendoza with Alex. I just got off the phone with Padre and things are going well. It feels amazing to have a quiet house.. So the weekend went:

We got on our Buquebus and Bus to Mend. fine. I met a girl on our bus that was from South Lyon Michigan.. she knows russ somehow but doesnt know how.. very strange... very very strange. We met A LOT of michiganders and Californians... We also met a bunch of norwegians and belgiums that were awesome people. Our hostel was nice, had lots of winetasting and a pool. It also had a lot of ants, but only in MY BAG. SIck. My legs are now spotted with fire ant pussy bites that itch and make my legs swell. oh well.. theyll go away eventually. Thursday we went to the Parque General de San Martin and got to just chill walking, relaxing, in the beauty of mountains, lakes and TREES MMMMM.... We went out to dinner and got Birthday ice cream and tried some amazing wine.. Mendoza is famous for their wines and was in the midst of the Vendiminia.. or wine festival. CRAZY. Friday was awesome.. we went on a day long excursion by horseback into the andes mountains. BEAUTIFUl. Pics will be posted ASAP... Our guide Cecilia was a sweet funny lady and ALL GAUCHO..(cowgirl). The guy that owned the estancia (ranch) was named Cata and wore a blue beret and cooked AMAZING asado! and this vegetable thing that had steamed carrots, zuchini, onion, potato, pumpkin, eggplant, and oregano.. oh MAN it was good. then that night we went out to the winetasting/ tango party at the hostel, met a tn of norwegans and belgiums and then went out with them to the pubs. It was a lot of fun. No I did NOT get wasted. I did however take a sip of this drink from Chile that was soooo sweet and sour. Saturday we accidentally wasted three hours on a bus with an angry driver trying to go to a vineyard to no avail. Blasted bad directions and unhelpful people. It was an adventure nonetheless. We bought some wine to take home to people, I bought a few awesome handcrafted necklaces... a good day altogether.. a great weekend. Now we are back home chillin. I am tired a little. I am hungry and craving hamburguesas.. mmmmmmmm...... k Im gonna go get some money and some food... PEACE

Oh yah.. and Im 20 now. Yikes

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