Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Interesting possibilities

So I was thinking today about the trip we made last week, and the cool people we met in the hostels.

What an amazing ministry you could make of hostels. Most people that go there are from all over the world and are basically looking for their purpose, their desires. Many people are "escaping" from purposeless lives in order to be "free" from the world. I think God has opened my eyes to an amazing opportunity here. I don't know if it is something feasible.. but it is a different way to look at travelling. I wonder if there are any people in the world looking for a relaxed internship or mission field that is incredibly flexible and fun. Just hop a plane to whereever and start ministering. Just go anywhere, find a hostel and start meeting people.. start making friends, developing relationships, groups, getting contact info, and spending time with people that are searching for inspiration in other people, nature, anything. What an amazing thing it would be to go trekking for a few days in Gods beautiful creation and have the opportunity to share your purpose and your desires with people who need it. Hmmmm...

Something to think about. Something to offer up for discussion. Something to offer up to God in prayer.

On another note. I am sick today. I think my allergies are attacking because its rainy and crappy. This is the first time I have been sick sick in awhile. Sad. oh well.. im off to stuff!


stephen said...

Definately something to think about.

You get well, that's a command if you can't tell.

sbchill said...

Hey, you could work 6 mths and save your money..then travel etc the rest of the year!!!

What a great lifestyle...

Love Mom