Friday, March 25, 2005

Bob Mersereau.. always a light.

I just got an email from a youth group leader back home saying that one of my favorite people is in the hospital and isnt going to make it. His name is Bob Mersereau, he is an amazing old man, husband to an amazing woman, and a pillar of faith in my life. When I was in highschool he came with us to Mexico. They were like 70 or something and were amazing. He has always remembered my name and given the best advice and the best hugs. He let us use his cottage for youth group so he could be around us, pray for us and serve us. Despite the fact that I hate to hear he isnt going to make it. I praise God that he is the man that he is. He deserves to rest from his life of service. I hope he knows we are proud of him and are impatient to see him again. Thank God for amazing people like Bob and his family. I hope someday I can be as proud of my life and service as he is. I hope someday people are happy for me to go rest too... God be with that family, continue to encourage them and others with their faith....

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