Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Drama ensues at CasaACU.

God we all need a little patience, a little humor, a touch of maturity and some time to breathe.

I love everybody here, I am sad drama is occuring. I guess it will blow over. We have made it this far with nothing too big happening. Oh well. Thats life with 12 college kids in one house. We haven't quite made Real World status yet. Not even close. Thats a relief.


Erin said...

haha can it measure up to last semester? I'm sure you aren't apart of it, you just look at it and laugh and say y'all are dumb, GROW UP!!! haha, well that's how it needs to be handled, in my opinion, but don't take my word for it i'm usually wrong. Hope you feel better.

Phyllistene said...

girl you make me smile! Last semester was pretty funny.. I thought over all we succeeded in continuing on despite the hellious chaos of our room and desiring to beat her over the head with a blunt object. Sadly she remains conscious and in her continual state.. but atleast we aren't her roommate. Poor girl.. she had a good heart.. (somewhere under seven shades of pink and an apron:P).. im just being a punk.. thanks for the encouragement though!

Julie said...

haaaapy late birthday! i remember what it was like to turn twenty...last october. haha. i'm sorry for the drama, it's rough, i know. just wear one of those shirts that says "save the drama for your mama" and see what develops. i miss you tons! we need you on "gilmore girls" nights!