Sunday, November 21, 2004

God is so good.

What have I learned this weekend? God is so good. I have been stressing for weeks now over making sure this weekend goes well, that I would get my work done and have it be quality. I especially wanted to be able to enjoy this weekend with my dad cindy,stephen and the buds. Missions Accomplished. This weekend was fantastic. Lots and LOTS of great food, got some great time with my dad and Cindy. Got to watch Michigan get stomped (sadly..), made xmas cookies and made them well. Got to be "domestic" and cook a little as adam put it. I was proud of the skills, Cindy was a great teacher. Now all that is left is class tomorrow, I get my History grade tomorrow as well as get to finally turn in my Hindu paper. Then I get to pack and pack a little more. I want to get some stuff packed for over xmas break to go in storage for next semester. Bfast with Brookster tues including a built in "no worries" pep talk. And then we are off to Nashville. Man. Im nervous to meet the folks and fam but I am also very excited. God got me through this week with astounding food intake capacity of which I am still reeling. I trust that this week will go smoothly as well. ALthough any family that produces someone as fantastic as stephen must be fun, although slightly off kilter. But hey, in that case I should fit right in!

I decided tonight while pondering with stephen that one must be "silly" atleast once every five minutes or so. I mean, seriousness is fine 4 out of 5 minutes, but without a silly face, or a poke, or some witty banter... life would dwindle away to nothingness. I believe this wisdom is something to be coveted for all eternity. So... check your clocks and make sure you've smiled in the last five minutes, if not.. snort, pinch, tickle, even fart your way back to the safety zone of sillidom. do it. or else.

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