Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Testing OVER!!

Had an Astronomy test and a History test today. Last tests til Finals. Man that feels good.

Got an 86 on my Astronomy test which means all I need is to manage a D on my Final and Ill still have an A in the class. that feels FANTASTIC. Im hoping the rest of my classes turn out as well. Im worried about History. The test I took today is definitive in my semester grade. The test I am getting back for English this afternoon will be integral in my final grade for that as well. Luckily I know Ill have an A in Gymnastics, Comms and Astronomy now. All that leaves is History and Anthropology. Im workin hard to bring up my Anthro grade. If I can pull off all A's and one B i might make a 3.75 gpa. That would be a nice ending to a long semester of hard work. Im really trying to earn this Uruguay semester. Its gonna be a blast but its gonna be a lot of work. I hope I earned it this semester. I feel like I never stopped studying for more than a few minutes here and there.

I am ready for Thxgiving break, ready to go home for xmas. Not ready to start a new semester over, especially internationally, but I know it will be the time of my life. I have already met a few of the people going, and its a great group. I just hope I can fit everything in my suitcases!

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ErinEC said...

Hey--congrats on getting an A in Astronomy. I was lucky to pull a B in that class. That was my sleep class. I didn't even try to pay attention--I just slunked in my seat and got a great 50 minute nap.