Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Profound apologies..

Wow, I hate computers. The last three times I have tried to post my computer froze and my words were erased. ARG. I am normally relatively computer savvy. I am often the one to help with formatting or computer issues for roommates and friends etc. Today I am just a frustrated computer. Problem with networking at schools: bugs, viruses, spam, spyware, and STUPID SLOW INTERNET. It is normally an awesome network but the past few weeks my computer has upchucked a lot and crashed. Thank God for Microsoft and its revovery programs or all my papers wouldve been wiped multiple times.

Anyway... Homework update: Hindu Paper.. DONE. Comms case study... DONE. Anthro case study...DONE. Comms Presentation... DONE. phew! All I have left are my two exams tomorrow morning, and a few reflection papers. Well technically I still have to revise my Hindu paper, but having the first draft looking as good as it does is VERY encouraging. So needless to say I am scarfing down some Bluebell Mint chocolate chip ice cream and brownies. Needless to say.. but said anyway.

This weekend my Dad and Cindy are coming into town. I am excited for their arrival but nervous for the weekend to go smoothly. Not regarding social aspects, but because I fear taking over Stephen's house all day Saturday. I only slightly asked if it was alright before really knowing how time consuming this event might become. They are coming in on Friday night, and stephen and I are racking our brains for fun places to eat. the options so far include:
Jo Allens: good texan culture
Los Arcos/Farolitos/other mexican restaurant: COMIDA!!!
ZooKimi's: soup/salad/potato bars. Their soups are SO GOOD! and its a neat lil restaurant.

any suggestions guys? I dont really want to go to AnnThai's, Buns over texas, texas roadhouse, or any food chain. Id like to find something fun and unique to Abilene. Im tryin hard.

Anyway.. Saturday We (dad,cindy and I, I think stephen is helping too, he doesnt have to though, he's already allowing us to use his house) are cooking thanksgiving dinner for the four of us plus some of stephens roommates. It will be a huge meal, with lots of leftovers.

So far Im interested to see how it goes. We have a lot of tradtions that go along with Thanksgiving. Including Football (Michigan plays Ohio State Sat.! Go Wolverines!), which Im not even sure if we'll have on cable, since we're in texas. and lots of chilling out. It would be one thing if stephen came home to join our traditions, but its hard to bring traditions somewhere else and expect the same thing to happen. The hardest part is that most of the roommates will probably be studying around the house all day, and I really don't want to be a royal pain and be intrusive into their house too much. I mean we may be cooking them food, but that doesn't mean we live there yet. Anyway. Dad, or stephen, if you read this no worries. We'll work it out this weekend. BUT please be understanding about this. I dont want to ruin anyones holiday.

Enough of that. Tonight is devoted to Astronomy and History, and a break for Gilmore Girls.
Lots of prayer will be needed for this weekend. So get started. I have.

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