Thursday, November 18, 2004

My Baby's All Growed Up..

Last night is was an exciting but sad night... I got a glimpse of the bittersweetness of babies growing up. Our beautiful little Brileigh has started walking. She is one of our girls in the nursery. She is a chunk of a girl, always with her chubby cheeks and sprout of hair jetting her massive cabeza. She has dimples the size of milwaulkee and has the best laugh. She has been one of the more energetic of our kids, and her mom is a favorite of mine. Its so amazing to be able to make connections with parents through helping nurture their children. Well, Brileigh took her first few steps this week and has graduated into cruiserdom. I am so proud of her and she is adorable in her teetering and plopping. She still lets me give her belly raspberries, and swing her upside down, but I fear that soon my arms will break under the pressure of her weight. She is already a big girl.. now she's walking. Its happy and sad. The saddest part is that by the time I get back next year most of our kids will be out of the nursery and I won't see them much. It has been such a blessing getting new kids, and getting to know their likes and dislikes. Kelton likes kissing other babies whether they like it or not. Chloe the conquerer is like king kong on a good day. Caleb has the cutest cry, and will be a knock out someday with his baby blues. Lily is so sweet, and a brick wall for anyone who dares to try to make her laugh. Charlie is growing up and beginning to actually have fun. I know noone but me and my roommate really care, but it has been such a great experience.

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