Friday, November 19, 2004


Green koolaid makes me smile...
so does 8 dollar jeans at old navy and a fuzzy fleece to pass away the chilly blues..

No tests or homework til Finals. Now thats a smile and a sigh...phew. ITS OVER!!!

My passport came today. Makes me nervous and makes me excited. I cant wait to send postcards and forget the 3 hour difference and see a new set of stars including the southern cross!!

Erin is gone today checking out Baylor and seeing friends. I will miss her. We got along so well this semester. Honesty is refreshing. I hope she finds someone she can laugh with at baylor.

I have a 22 lb turkey in my freezer.

I miss my mom. She always knows how to encourage me, what I need to hear, and doesn't hesitate to tell it straight. I can't wait to see you, hug you, and cry when I leave.

We have fire ants in our room. My toe is the size of kentucky. Well it was yesterday, its about like new hampshire now. I like that I sat and thought about which state best described my swelling toe. Yuck.

Im already packing up some of my stuff for the semester, paring down, and figuring out where the stink my couch is gonna go. My beautiful couch. ahhh.

Im bringing my dad to the Feminine Epitome tomorrow so he can see my possible future residence. I felt really bad and presumptuous when I asked the girls if that was cool. I wish Julie was still gonna live there. I hate that I am inserting myself in there. I hope the transition is ok and that julie comes over alllllllll the time cuz I want to partake of her wackiness and will need a fellow non nursing major. I love you girls.

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