Monday, July 02, 2007

back from the shore

Well it was a lovely week out at the shore.. boardwalks, beachwalks, rollercoasters, funnel cake, fudge, waterpark, and piercings.. well piercing singular... heheheheh

I worked last night and it was crazy nuts.. some guy came in and asked for 5 rediculously detailed drinks, he read them out confusingly, I got the drinks right, rang it up wrong and ended up getting tips from the next 3 customers for my mistake.. hahahah.. weird I work again tonight.. with Chris. Should be entertaining.

Well.. I have nothing of consequence to say. I havent heard from tim in forever.. he's starting to frustrate me.. Ill continue to give him the benefit of the doubt.. but I hate when people say theyll call and then dont. Id rather they just say hey Im gonna be busy and may not get a chance to call... it hurts less.. I can take it. On the lighter side of things Steve is coming into town tomorrow. I am super pumped to see him. Its not often you meet such cool people, and get to see them more than once. We'll get to independence day party a wee with the fam.

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