Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last blog til August.

I leave for Colorado tomorrow evening.. so Im assuming this will be my last post till I get back on the thirtieth.. or like aug 1 at 1am again. So peace out July!

Talked to the "guys" at work today for awhile about school stuff again. They know some pretty awesome connections around the area. A couple mags to look into, and organizations doing some good work. I also talked to a guy who is about to leave to go live in Mexico City for 2 months. He'll come back after Ive gone, but Im super jealous. I love Mexico City.. Id love to see it. Im still not talking to Nasser.. he still makes me nervous, but I feel I may need to start talking to him again to at the least keep my spanish in practice. hahah.. sad using of friends eh?

Tomorrow at work I get to do Prep stuff for the HP Party again. I get to cook up a Vat full of Frap Mix. I said Im going to pretend its my witchs brew and sing double double toil and trouble or whatever that song his... cackle cackle. How fun!

PS. I pray tomorrow will not be awkward. ehem.

Also. Kathryn you are one of most favorite people. I feel like I will forever treasure our friendship no matter how long it takes for me to see you again. Your air, attitude and view of life is so refreshing and incredible. You love on anything and anyone no matter who they are. I love that about you. Keep being you, and get your ass to africa.

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Anonymous said...

Hey peanut Have a good trip, sorry I didnt call you back last nite but i was online with my class its on thursdays soooo.

Call me sometime, Ill be in and out most of the weekend so call on my new Blackberry!!!