Monday, July 09, 2007

so far its working. I assumed transformers would be corny... it rocked my face off.. I was pleasantly surprised by a few texts I received today..and all things work are turning out well..

I leave for GH in four days. I should think about packing. Maybe. I was going to try and just bring a carryon, but my shoes might take up half the bag... hahaha.. I am posting a picture of the fishies soon.. funnies thing Ive seen in a while .. its like a soap opera under water. We have two fighter fish ... "The Convict" and "The Oscar"... they both love me.. just not each other..

Jess and Albert are doing chores to earn money so they can get a job. Its funny how hard they are trying.. I wonder how long it will last..

Is it sad I am excited for the Veggietales movie coming out in January?

and lastly.. SIT screwed up again and they lost my Perkins MPN. BOOOOOOOOO..

On a lighter note.. Daniel is heavy on my heart today.. I hope he's doing better..

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