Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sample? Sample? Sample? Sample?

I just handed out samples for 18 hours.. meaning 5 hours.. worst boring work ever. I cant stand baby cups and straws. There's something sinister about them.. like they think they are so damn cute but they're free so they're like whoring out the chocolatey goodness.. maybe im just tired and cranky. Most likely...

my tongue hurts a bit today. not sure why.

two more shifts.. then GH.. i am super pumped. Looks like the Mexico kids are meeting me at Butchs on Friday evening... then wedding stuff on Saturday.. however that turns out. Its a good thing I dont NEED concrete plan s.. cuz i got none. Other than me going to a wedding somehow.. with someone.. at some point.

my room needs some serious cleanage.. yipe. i have 8 non travelling days left in july..

The Well was good this morning.. it was good to see everyone.. I a saw a few people at BN later in the day..

i think maybe its time for some nappy....

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