Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Day with Blade

Well had a good day or so with Steve. He has reinforced his coolness and I am remembering why I liked the kid in the first place. He's such a nut. We hit up Tyler State Park for some geocaching.. lots of weeds, a cornfield run, and a few scenic detours. Then we REALLY took the scenic route to Outback for dinner. It was good food despite the 5 dollar beers... poor steve.. my margarita was fantastically strong. The day continued with a search for margarita mix and a tobacco shop. We did not prevail on all accounts but margaritas were conquered and downed with much enthusiasm. We had a great time, he left this morning to go hang with another pal that lives in Phillie for the fireworks and stuff tonight. All in all a great time, I hope I get to see him when Im in town for the wedding. Thats assuming tickets are bought and I hear from Tim saying I have a ride from the airport. If I dont hear from him soon I may end up conning steve into doing it. we'll see..

Well I am going to go crash for a few hours. then its the fourth.. woot. ehem. I have work tomorrow at 8.. boo.

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