Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So long day at work. 9-5. boo. It was pretty slow and I worked with kate who was eating the whole time. Shes got balls... I dont know how she has kept her job. Neither of us were feeling that great but the day went by eventually. I work again tomorrow 12-8.

Break was unusually entertaining.. read some economist then started talking to some of the regulars.. older guys in their forties who spend their days off relaxing at good ol b and n. They always have good stories and like to hear about my adventures. We were discussing latest travels, and some things to do in vermont. The rest of the day ended with me spilling drinks all over. yay.

now i have some burritos and napping to do.

Ps. it was good to update you brooke. I miss my girl chatter.. ill let you know how things progress!

I leave on Friday. wow. The plan is Tim picks me up at the airport. I am nervous about this.. It could be incredibly awkward. like HARD CORE awkward.. or it could be totally chill. I still dont know about the 30th yet. As of now I plan on him driving me to detroit.. I may get to see my bro but if not I may cruise to detroit early and hang with the pops in Ann Arbor. Who knows.. my life is not my own when I dont have a car. Boo.

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