Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grand Haven.. not so much home anymore.

Last night was a blast, despite infringing upon Steve more than intended. Flights went well minus sweaty man and crying baby. Steve picked me up at the airport and we hung out at his house for a while til his friend Josh arrived. I was planning on seeing everyone at butchs..youth group kids.. but I hadnt really heard from anyone and by the time the cincinnati kids were back it was closed anyway. So then the plan was to go to see harry potter with bethany etc.. BUT josh steve and i got distracted by the beach, pier, sunset etc. Ended up at K2 for some good pizza, crazy nostalgia and a jack and coke I have longed for for quite some time.. It was a lot of fun and I ended up just coming back to shyles after. Now its saturday, rainy and the wedding is in a few hours. I saw lyd at the salon she's looking cheery and gorgeous. after some great harvest and chatting Im back at shyles. I may snooze cuz man yesterday took it out of me and I want to have a really good night.

So far the plan is to hit the wedding with Nate in tow, since wifey's in the wedding.. then to the reception with whoever will give me a ride :) Im sitting by abby+date so that will be fun. After that Im hoping alex, kyle, megan and whoever else is up for some fun will go out. Steve and Josh may end up coming out to GH again, but who knows. Its possible we head to GR somewhere but I doubt that.. everyone will be too "fun" for driving is my guess..

Tomorrow church at the waterfront, and possibly a bbq at shyles.. then hanging out and off to PA in the eve.. wow

PS. I miss grand haven but it doesnt feel like home anymore which makes me sad a little. Thats ok Ive always just sort of felt at home whereever I am. Its just weird that GH doesnt have that pull anymore. More of a getaway than a go back to ya know? I did love the pier last night. It was fun to chill with Josh and Steve.. Steves a gentleman through and through whether he likes it or not. Ill miss the kid.

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