Thursday, July 05, 2007


Work was crazy today. I opened alone for the first time yet... it went well.. it was super busy all afternoon though.. I finally put the much awaited piercing video on facebook.. I had a few people who wanted to see it.. so there it is.. I dont want it up here.. a little too public.. not like very many people check it.. but still..

I found a dress for the wedding.. I am pumped.. it is my goal to show up the bride.. hahaha.. jk. but my sis had a dress that is amazing so Im stealing it.. I love being the same size! too bad I cant steal her shoes too! I got someone to cover my shift for the wedding ... WOOT.. dad is supposedly getting tix.

ugh im tired.. and I dont know who asked about tim.. but im not going to spill the beans til I get to actually talk to him.. I got some "intel" and it made the situation clearer a bit.. I totally get why he hasn't called but the fact is he sorta pansied out.. so until I have a real conversation with him and get things straightened out.. deal with some vague deets..

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