Thursday, December 16, 2004


Well first thing's first. Went to the Urgent Care place yesterday. Did a breathing treatment, got chest xrays, got antibiotics, inhaler, and steroids to help the weezing. So far I feel a TON better. Im going to a general doc today for a checkup.. if we end up going to adrian. We'll see.

Dad got me pjs a few weeks ago, and I just got them from him last night. They are sooo cool. They are flannel (bottom, and button shirt top.) and light blue with white dotsw and all over them are little penguins and the word "CHILL'N" how cool!

Got to talk to stephen tonight. Didn't know dad was trying to sleep, he probably heard most of our "discussions" until I left the room. Ahh well. Had some good "serious" talking. It was rather odd.. but very good. I think I'm a fan of you Stephen. I haven't quite decided yet. :P

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sbchill said...

How are you feelin today?? Sounds miserable...take care of yourself darlin'

Love, Mom