Thursday, December 09, 2004

Congrats to Ruth!

Holy Crap! Today my roommate from last year, Ruth Kelly, attacked me in our courtyard downstairs and showed me her brand spankin new diamond! She's engaged! That is insane to me. I mean I expected her and jon to get married eventually, even engaged fairly soon, but I just can't believe it! That girl is so fantastic, and jon is a great guy. I just can't believe it! It makes me feel old. She is a year younger than me and already engaged. Its not that I feel like Ive missed the Diamond train or anything, its just crazy. Plus my two friends who are graduating this december are getting married next sunday, and Curtis and Lauren got married this past august! Crazyiness! Its strange to be at that age where every one around me is gettin hitched. Given being at a Christian University where the "MRS" degree is highly prevalent doesn't help. But these arent homemakers to be! These are MY friends! Sane, adult, semi-mature people! Crazyiness.. CRAZINESS!

I am proud to say I am NOT THAT GIRL. Stephen. Im glad you aren't THAT GUY as well. Takes a load off I tell you what.

On a different note: I went to the doctor today for my freight train cough. Looks like a lot of people in our dorm have been gettin allergies cuz of mold problems. She gave me all sorts of drugs and I am hoping they will kick in pretty soon. My cough stuff is makin me kinda loopy.

My dad had his surgery today. He was pretty loopy on the phone. He sounds like he's doing ok although apparently there were some issues earlier on. Prayers are welcome. Love ya pops!

Sorry I had to hang up so quickly tonight mom, it was crazy driver night in Atown. Ill call you tomorrow

We are off to Dallas tomorrow night to hang out with summer, bret, and their munchkins micah and anna grace. Summer's on bedrest cuz of pregnancy complications, but it will be fun to serve HER for once. She's a sweetheart.

I am ready to get out of this dorm.

And lastly: I admit I already miss Stephen.. Sad:(

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