Thursday, December 30, 2004


Because God is good! Got my scholarship check in today. Man I am glad that all worked out. Went to the bank to deposit my newly acquired 3 grand and it was very anticlimactic. I was waiting for trumpets to sound and balloons to drop from the ceiling. It didnt happened. The clerk just handed me a lil reciept with an "ok done.. so leave already" kind of look. He was so not impressed. Anyway, my dad was proud atleast. It is sort of the finishing touch to this semester getting started. Officializing the fact I am about to leave the country. Yikes. knots in my stomach, heart racing, smile on my face.

First I am excited to see my mom though, I just found out she gets work off next week. Im so excited about that! I cant wait to hang out and just chill for a week with her! I miss her a ton!

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