Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I miss my mom

Im sick. I have a cough that sounds like Im being run over by a freight train. I can't laugh, I cant breathe, I cant sleep. Sadly, I still retain the mental capacity to study my face off for finals. My comms final went well tonight. I will have an A in the class. I am grateful for the strength and clarity of mind God is granting me this week. Despite possible bronchitis, I can walk, talk and fill in scantrons like nobody's business.

Lately I have been able to hang out with my roommate Erin a lot. I am so grateful for that. We have been hanging out, getting dinner and watching movies (which entails cramming and cuddling around her laptop on her bed since my couch is in storage). Tonight we went to Midnight Breakfast at the bean and listened to horrible Karaoke. One of the guys from my study abroad group sang Hero by Enrique and I was laughing (and honk/coughing) so hard. The food was horrible, the room was loud. But I won a game, and got to see Miss Tracy a smidge. It was fun times. Ryan Kamarovski showed up. Thats always awkward. It cracks me up that he weirded me out so much when he asked me out because he was a 5th yr senior and "old" but when stephen asked it wasn't like that. I was freaked out by stephen, but mostly cuz i wasnt expecting it, not cuz he was older. Well. thats not all true either. The age thing was a little weird, but he could always make me laugh. Which counts for a lot.

Tomorrow is my english final, and most of the day will be spent studying and moving stuff to storage. The week hasn't even started. Yet I feel like its already over.

Be praying for my dad. He has surgery for his knee on wednesday. It makes me nervous.


Julie said...

darling phyllis~
hello! i will certainly pray for your future travels and for you dad. i'm sure, with your coughing and hacking, you've never sounded sexier. :-) good luck on finals!!!

sbchill said...

Hey Sweetey!! I miss you so much, and hate it when you are sick and so far away..I cant put my hand on your forehead and see if you are running a fever or bundle you up on the couch with pillows and blankies and tv...I love you MOM