Monday, December 20, 2004


Man it was a long weekend. I am so tired. Last night I got to chill out and talk to my Aunt Carol for hours. It was so fun. She's a blast to talk to. Looks like everyone is coming over for xmas dinner on sunday. Which is exciting. It will be good to get a break from studying. That starts tomorrow. I get to take dad to the doc's then hit the books all week for this study abroad class. Arg. Oh well. Borders will be a pal and let me borrow books and drink coffee. YAY.

Other than all of that. Its nice to be able to finally chill. No shopping, no running, just sitting.

Got a some really cool books from shyle. SHe works at baker and found a bunch she thought Id like. One is called "Living on the Borders: what the church can learn from ethnic immigrant cultures" ... Hopefully itll be good. Other than that she snagged some cool fiction girlie books. I stole Abraham from my Aunt Trish. Haven't started it yet. I have seen it at borders every once in awhile but never read it yet.

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