Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sad day...

today was my very last Sigma Pi Phi chapel. there were very few people there, but we got to pray for each other and sing together. Its strange realizing that i wont see most of these people again. Over the past year and a half they have become family down here. God blessed me trememdously when I got here to school last fall. As an itty bitty bee toting freshman I was ecstatic to see a big group of people show up to play ultimate the night I had happened to ask some of the freshman from Welcome week to play. They tried to make me bird call, they freaked out over being a fellow "phyl". I remember feeling so welcome yet strange at being invited to "stev's birthday bash at greyskull". The language (body and verbal) was so strange and yet so inviting. It was like learning a new culture. Over the next weeks and months, this group of friends took me in. I was one of only a few freshman and sophmores.. most were juniors. Through strange circumstances, I got to hang out with brooke, julie and whitney a lot. They became sisters. Brookelynn became a familiar friendly freshman face. EC, Robin and Lauren became a refuge for smiles and fun. I looked up to you girls so much, and still do. Rachael gave the best hugs and smiles, kristen cracked me up. Tracy is and will forever be a sweetheart. Katrina always made me feel special, and welcome to say hello. I loved helping you with the art project, and working with you on the tshirts, I will treasure those times. Melody and Adriane, girls you rock my face off. Each of these women have come into my life and left important foot prints. I wish I had more opportunities to see those that are graduating this year, it is sad that I will miss your last semester. I am sure it will be eventful.

Then there are the boys. Stev, Mark, Bret, Rot, Daniel, Phil, Curdit, you are all men of God whom I cherish having in my life. Each of you have had special impacts on my life as well, and spurred me on to become a better servant for Christ. Keep having fun, and keep loving God.

Thanks to all of you for an awesome few years! Congrats to those graduating! Love to those whose names arent mentioned but you know you are adored!

Give me a hug ASAP if I see you!
Dont forget Finals Ultimate! Same place same time!

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