Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Dad went to the doc today. We got to sit in the ortho ward for like a million hours listening to the doctors pass by patients, explain situations, review cases. It was actually pretty interesting. A girl across the room played ultimate, and was talking about it. I think she played with the AA group I was gonna play with but opted out of. Strange. Anyway. Looks like he's got another 6-8 weeks in crutches. He's not happy. Poor guy. Thats crazy rough.

Other than that not much happened. Watched Napoleon Dynamite. Dad thought it was ok but wasn't too impressed. It really wasn't as funny the second time around. Its funnier to just have Adam BE napoleon now. Its like monty python. You have to have a group of people who have seen it to laugh the second and fiftieth times around. Otherwise.. its just WEIRD.

Im off to the Urgent Care place again in the morning. I am still sick. I hate it. It sucks. i cant breathe. I am now done whining about it.

I got my textbook for the study abroad class. It is useless. USELESS. Oh well, I will skim my lil heart out. atleast its short.

I am officially nervous to leave for Uruguay. I cant believe its here. When I think about it I get knots in my stomach and get all queasy. Im never nervous for this stuff. I guess this is a good thing though. I know God has a lot in store to show me in the next few months. A lot to learn, a lot to see. I hope I soak it all in.

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