Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Broken Hearted

100,000 lost. How does a person cope with that? How does God feel right now. I can see him weeping and convulsing in tears along with those that have lost loved ones. And over those souls who didn't know him. How do we as cozy americans allow ourselves to be affected by this. Part of me wants to hide in a book, or tv, or homework or shopping. The other part of me wants to get my hands dirty and out of this blasted cozy corner to do something. I want to be someone that can step up and make things better. I feel useless.

God give us the courage to be sad. Give us the courage to trust you. Give us the courage to be patient. Give us the courage to love.


stephen said...

check out, there are some chances to help those in Asia and Sudan. Both areas are experiencing darkness right now. AS cozy as we are as americans we also have a chance to give, even stop eating out for a week so that someone in the world could eat at all. check it out.

Kyla Springall said...

I was just browsing through the blogs and I came across yours.
I have to say that I agree; I mean when terrorists attacked the WTC about 2500 died. 100 000 have died in the past week from an act of God. It's a bit scary when you think about it.
He is good though, and it is obviously a part of his plan!
God Bless!

stephen said...
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stephen said...

I echo the comments on the horror of the tsunami in Asia. It is a time for people to become more like Christ, in giving up of themselves for those who need help. God will definately bring life to where once was death.

I do have a question. Do you mean to say that God caused or planned for the tsunami to happen? I could have read your post incorrectly. Sorry if I did.