Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hate to admit it..

I hate to admit my interest in sports.. but today was a blast. Between the Indianapolis game with Manning winning the game and beating Marino's record.. DANG. PLUS Detroit won too! It was a day of lots of screaming and jumping for the fam!

We went to the other Chill's house, my aunt kris, uncle mike and cousin Brians that is. A lot of people ended up being in town so it was a blast to chill out with tons of food, sports, games and a whole lot of pets. All three families had their pets so we had the dogs : Louis, Tug, Phoebe and Danny, all Labs and golden retrievers, plus Brian's cat whose name I dont remember. She was a hysterical cat, pouncing and gettin fiesty with the dogs despite her lack of size. She had so much spunk and was really cute. I am covered in black cat hair, but she was worth it. I miss my cats.

Got a lot of cool stuff...
Mittens and a hat.. which wont be needed before too long but Ill stow them til next year.
The ENTIRE lemony snicket series.. WOOT WOOT!!!
A watch which is extremely nice, and I fear breaking constantly.
A lil purse which is cute
CASH like crazy from my insane aunt for Uruguay
and a really awesome turquoise leather journal for next semester as well.

I heart my family. Other than all that things were fun, played cards cranium, and tried to figure out my cousins spanish/english computer thing. I sucked. I didnt get it. neither did they though.

I cant believe this time next week Ill be in Missouri, and then a week later Abilene and then a week later another hemisphere. Im stoked, Im nervous, Im petrified, Im prepared.

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