Sunday, December 19, 2004

Done Rushin.

Got back from GH today after a crazy busy weekend. I am exhoausted. Friday I got to chill out with shy some, talking and putting together her bookcase. Then we hit up dinner and went to see Mike Morgan play downtown at the Community Center. Got to see all sorts of people, Jon Striker- who is officially on my list for people who will get support letters. Holy cow that kid is loaded for being 19. I cant imagine owning a business at this age. Got to see Kurt French, Melissa Anys, Nate, Drew, Randy McClain, Mike, all sorts of people. It was craziness. Post concert we went to Wendy's for Frosty's in single digit weather. Lyd showed up so she ended up comin back with shy and I to Shy's house. We got to have some girl talkin time. I got lots of good advice and catch up summaries.

Saturday I got to hang out with my brother all day. It was a blast. We got lunch at Johnny Carinos, went to the CRAZINESS of the mall without making a single purchase, played with his Charlie Beef of a puppy, and went to Craig's Cruisers for arcade games and the meeting of the girlfriend. She was really cute, and a sweet girl. Later I went to Bryant's and we got Panera and got to talk for a long while. It was good to chat, and get more advice. heheh.. or atleast be able to discuss.. certain people, i mean topics, I mean topics relating to certain people, crap. anyway.. we talked and ate. Then Lyd and I got Bourne Supremacy after droppin off the B man and sliding ALL OVER Grand Haven. Man it was slicker than snot. Then the "crew" showed up for the movie, I taught grant and kyle how to make puppy chow, which ended up in my possession somehow. After that Mafia happened for like 2 hours. LOTS O FUN. It was nice. 2 am came quickly and I went back to pass out at shyles till church this morning. After Watermark I met up with Russ and we grabbed lunch. MORE good convos, advice, and idea trading. I am home now and rediculously exhausted but feelin good. I am officially ALMOST not sick. YAAAAY.

It is 7 degrees outside. very VERY cold.

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