Thursday, December 16, 2004

Feelin Good

Doing very well today. My drugs are amazing. I can breathe. I can actually stop coughing if I need to. Its amazing. Air... AHHHHH. On top of that my energy is back. Dad's feelin great today too. We went to Adrian to his office today so he could milk it to the bosses. It was pretty funny. It was good to see keith again. Not that I see him that often, but atleast I feel like I knew someone. Someone there offered me someones wife's homemade cheesecake. I tried it and smiled holding back throwing it up on the carpet. THAT WAS DISGUSTING. I carried it all the way back to dads office. It was so gross. Lumpy, cheesy, grossness.

In his office I finished the first lemony snicket. A Bad Beginning. It was pretty good. Im gonna pick up the next one when I get the chance.

I get to go to GH tomorrow night. Aunt Carol is comin up here to chill out with dad, mike etc. I hope I get to see her too. She just finished her PHD so I want to call her Dr. Gallagher. She worked hard. Im excited to see people in GH. I dont think they know Ill be there yet but it looks like an xmas ultimate game is in the works. No worries if I feel good I may play but Ill be bundled up. I need to run around a little. Although these stairs in dad's apartment are rediculous. Who needs to work out. Just go upstairs, and back down, and back up and down.

MMMMM... I bought ben and jerry's yesterday. Im going to go enjoy some.

Dad and I just finished Collateral and are about to start IRobot.

I hope I dont fall asleep.

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