Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Grade Check

For those interested.. mainly my parents, this post is an exclamation over grades!

It was a rough semester. My friends know that, Stephen most definitly knows that. A LOT of hard work, a lot of business, and very little Ultimate.. sad. Atleast we got our tourney in while we could!

So here is the rundown:
World Literature I: I should have an A, I just got my Hindu paper back w/ an A+ which made me jump for joy! My exam went pretty well. I was so tired, and being sick doesn't help.

Intercultural Communications: I will definitly have an A. I had 93 without my extra credit and exam score. SO I am good to go. I got A's on both the papers that were due during "the week of hell" and my presentation went alright.

Missionary Anthropology: This one is borderline. I think I did well on my exam this morning. I was the first one done, which doesn't necessarily mean I did well. The hard part is that we didn't really ever get any grade updates to know how we were doing in the class. So I am hoping for an A but I really have no clue. My reflection paper and Exam will determine it so we'll see.

Western Civilization: I will have a solid B in this class. It was a terribly difficult class. The grades were based on 5 exams that were killer. I have had steady B grades on them. Unless I get a 100% today on my exam I will still have a B. Im ok with that. It was a rough class.

Gymnastics: Ehem.. funnest class. EVER. hehe.. Im glad I took this class. It was challenging, but it was a blast. I hope to take the second part next year. I will have an A. I better anyway!!

Last but not least:
Astronomy: My grade depends on my exam. If I get atleast a 50% on the exam, I will pass the class.. with an A. This class was pretty boring. We learned a few interesting things but overall I wished I was sleeping every MWF at 8 instead of listening to Towell talk. Oh well. One more Gen Ed out of the way.

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