Monday, December 13, 2004

I don't need to dream of a White Xmas!

Well I have arrived and Michigan and it is a snowin! I got here sunday after a great weekend in Dallas with Stephen, Bret, Summer and the munchkins. We got to go see Bret sing in the Men's Chorus on Saturday and chill out a little bit. Then I flew back/up here sunday and was greeted by a cheery MetroCar guy who drove me to my Aunts house.

My dad is in pretty rough shape. He had to get major knee surgery and has a leg cast and cant really get around much. Besides that I get my stubbornness from him, and if you think IM stubborn you have no idea! Its been a rough couple of days. Some short words here and there. I feel bad for him. Its hard feeling like you aren't in control. Its hard needing people. But thats what we're here for. I am planning on stayin in AA most of my time here. I would like to see my brother sometime, but that may entail him coming here. Other than that I leave on New Years to see mom! YAY! I have A TON of homework to do for my study abroad class in the next few weeks, and some xmas shopping to do.

Please be praying for my dad, and that I can remain patient and serving for him. I don't want his initial recovery to feel like a war zone. I dont want my last few weeks in US to make me not want to come back.

Miss you Stephen!


Brooke said...

I'm jealous of your snowy environment. Send some to Texas. I hope your break goes well so that you will return to the US eventually. I would be sad if you didn't come back. Love ya! (Oh, and thanks for the lending of the's so good!)

Phyllistene said...

I told ya!! Its a great boook!!
Things are a smidge better today. I got food, saw ppl at Borders had a chocochai.. Im happier..