Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day of Zero Triumph

I read my spanish novel in World religions this morning, then got uber confused in the subsequent french class
I busted my butt reading a really long chapter, and trying to memorize all the Mexican presidents from the Revolution to NAFTA... no quiz today.
I couldve slept through Seminar.. It was on Africa, and yet.. rediculously boring.
I came home, my computer crashed. I was not happy, thanks to phil and Team 55 it may be usable some day.
I have a butt ton of homework.

Today was a very good day.. Im not lying. Despite being exhausted and attempting to not whig out over my poor lappy... I have food in my stomach, a roof over my head, and some amazing kids that I get to talk to when i get my lappy back.


My dad didnt get his job back in Michigan. He is freaking out.. or atleast he is at a crossroads in life. I really want him to do what HE wants to do, not just worry about paying for me..

That my lappy will feel better tomorrow after its surgery, and that m research will still be intact on the hard drive...

That I would not be distracted from God and His Will, no matter how good the distraction is...

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