Sunday, April 15, 2007

ehem. an addendum

Five minutes after I posted that relent, I wrote out my entire outline in like five minutes. Figures. I still wasted a lot of my time.. blasted facebook/AIM.. I just need to disconnect and get it done. sheesh

Tomorrow morning is my doc appointment. Physical for gradschool WOOT.. I get the TB shot, possibly Tetanus and hopefully a go ahead to get a test for lupus.. GOODIE

My day got a little brighter with an unexpected email today.

Church was really good today. It was good to see everyone.

Brooke and I had some amazing convos today. I miss that. It was really intense for awhile and it was good to sort some things out in our brains. Also just realizations that we are becoming real people. Strange.

Thanks to Daniel for the ear and encouragement last night. I am excited for all he has going on.

Summer Job issues, travel to Lyd's wedding (WOOT)
Aris, Bethany, Abs, Lacey, Derek, Zak,
Continued energy and desire to actually get work done.
Steve: direction, plans, safety, great experiences...
World Servants: continued renewal, that the bus thing works out

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