Friday, April 27, 2007

I just spent the last couple hours packing up stuff. despite having a weeks worth of time post graduation.. I felt the need to get my room/stuff in some sort of organization. Im really not sure if Im gonna be able to get all my stuff in my car without bottoming out. I may need to go through and pair down some more.. boo.

FINALLY all my grad school paperwork is done and settled.. feels good to know its all ready to go. Now all thats left is a week of classes, finals, graduation, a week finishing the packingness and then off to PHILLIE! I am soooo excited. I am pumped to get to hang out with my amazing sister and her kids. We've been talking a lot more lately and I forget sometimes how well we get along. We're gonna start church shopping when I get there too.. should be awesome

Summer Job stuff
Roommate travel..
Tim, Russ, Lacey off to the DR for the week
Time and money management..

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