Monday, April 23, 2007

Dr. Pepper, M&Ms and my lappy..

Im in a relationship with my lappy. We've been really close these past few days. Sharing stories, working through our issues and creating great works of scholastic achievement. Together. We have been able to minister together to friends back home, listen to music and look at pictures together. I sang to my lappy today.. a lil jmraz for my lovely lappy. Sweet lappy, oh sweet lappy. How I love thee, how I forgive thee for deleting thyself completely...

A few more pages and I am free from the prison that is my term paper. A few weeks and I am a graduate. A few weeks after that and ill be in PA, a few weeks after that Ill be in MI getting coffee with a cool dude and watching the most beautiful wedding since shyle and nate got hitched.

Things I love:
Talking people into working with me in the future
Encouraging and counseling my youthies.. i miss youth group.
Dr. Pepper, Jones Fufu Berry, and iced mochas.
People volunteering to edit my paper
Getting good music from friends
Heroes, Bueno, and good conversation
My roomies.. ill miss you gals
Great Dane puppies that could eat me at three weeks.. k newfies too.
Meeting fellow men and women of God who are seeking Him wholeheartedly
Singing my heart out at Unite every tuesday with no qualms about it.. what freedom!
Knowing that next year will be a challenge!
My mommy, my sis, my bro, and my cool dad.
Jess' and Albies.
Waking up to a big bag of Honey Combs.
Looking at Job boards for inspiration.
Ultimate.. man I miss disc.
Learning the guitar..


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