Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just realized how loaded that last post was. Sometimes I don't realize the extent to which I divulge of myself on here. Ive never truly been very guarded, but sometimes a girl needs some secrets. Oh well, its already out there I guess. For the world to see. Maybe Im making more of it than it is. I never know anymore..

My guitar is staring me in the face. I really want to play it but I have an hour before my next two classes and a onepager to write... sad.

I wonder if Ill actually take the time to play this summer.. I feel like Im too embarrassed to play in anyone's presence so I may not since the house will be sort of filled all the time.. I just need one song.. just one to get me started.. hahah.. good luck.

ps. Tetanus shots still suck crack.. my arm kills! its like a constant deadarm..

pss. I had some GREAT dreams last night.. it involved lydias wedding and getting to see people I havent seen in a while, and people from yg and stuff. I missed everyone. It was a huggy dream. I like dream hugs, they feel real. which is happy.

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