Sunday, April 29, 2007

Library Blues..

I am in the library. Our internet at the house is out again.. thus to quell my insatiable need to check my email, I actually went to the library. Actually a big part of it was I still have some research I need to do for my presentation on wednesday and I have to do it online.. so.. it was a good excuse..

Forgive my previously incredibly mushy post. Its true Im female every once in awhile.

Tomorrow begins the very last week of undergrad classes. UNREAL.. I dont believe it. I really dont. Im kind of in denial about it. I move in three weeks-ish. thats INSANE. I cant believe I wont be coming back to Texas next year. Im not sure if Ill miss it, but Im more unsure of making a big change. Being in Texas has been a long hard stretch. Once I graduate Ill have no home base. AND THAT IS SCARY. I guess Phillie will be my home base for awhile. but only a little while, then I have to figure out who I want to be, and where I want to be. I realized after spending the week with the first pres kids that my heart is still stuck in GH a little. I miss youth group, my family, and a good spring.

I caught a new vision the other day. I was talking to megan about it some. It may end up being my kick off ministry that can lead me into the cafe/youth ministry/missions thing. I need to talk it up to a few people first.. and that requires Russ to get back from the DR with Tim and Lacey.

I hope its going well for them.. they were so excited.

My dad and Bob Roberts ( his friend that Ive known forever) are coming in for graduation. They are more stoked about it than I am. The graduating part is cool, but Im more excited about the next phase. I guess Im not one of those live in the moment people, I tend to look ahead, and then get excited about where "now" is leading me to. I dont know if thats a strength or a weakness..

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