Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have finished the race! I have won the battle! I have written my Term Paper!

I cant proclaim its efficient use of language, it was rather prolific and unorganized, but it is complete to the extent necessary for me to GRADUATE.

Thats all I needed. I didn't even put it off til the VERY last minute. Im two days early.

Tim I hope your presentation went well today, and that you rock your exams tomorrow. Don't worry, you ooze God's favor, you'll do fine. If anything, show them a pic of Maddie and they will melt like chocolate cake on a barbecue.

I love you all.. thanks to family and friends who have helped me get through this crazy CRAZY semester, and those of you who continue to encourage me everyday.

I love my mommy. Hi momma.. Your baby goats callin for ya! I miss you!

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