Monday, April 16, 2007

Now I get it..

So I finally joined the masses in the switch to the highly acclaimed gmail:

however now I finally realize how crappy hotmail is.. i cant get it to forward my mail to gmail, plus gmail wont add the account to "retrieve" mail from my hmail account.. thus.. Im still technically hotmailing it.. BOO..

My outline and Intro/Basis pages are written for my Term paper.. so i am 2 for 12! WOOT!

I spent a little time checkin out Brattleboro online today. It is a teeny town, but there seems to be a lot to do in the area. So hopefully Ill meet some cool adventurous people. This little checking out was inspired by my oh so painful Physical today.. blood drawn, TB test and the HATED TETANUS shot.. it was necessary though.. it was about to "expire" or whatever and knowing my clumsiness.... dear goodness it was a good idea.

FYI Dr. Essell is amazing.. I highly recommend him to you abilinian folk. Cool cool guy.

Today I am missing Shyle. I read a message of hers or saw a picture or something today.. i dont even remember the trigger. I just miss her. She is such a great gal, and I love her dearly. She has the biggest heart EVER and I am jealous. I tend to be on the more cynical side of life, and I tend to be a big jerk so often. Shyle has the tenderest heart and the coolest hubby. I LOVE YOU TOO NATE! Point being, I am blessed to know her, and she really inspires me to find someone. I know I am still at a place where I am ok with the whole single thing. Im not completely content with myself, and it gets pretty lonely, but Ill live.

I guess the real reason for the post is this: despite being ok with it, being single is a temporary thing. I dont want to be a "single for life". I am not wired that way. I crave companionship, friendship, love and just a partner in crime. I feel like I am officially ready to start seeking a strong relationship. I need to find someone I can laugh with, and someone who gets my passions. Ive always said finding someone who isn't fired up for your basic passion is just dead weight. They'll never truly get who you are. Maybe thats not true, I dont know.

I just would love to find someone who I can call and exclaim over my 2/12 accomplishment, sit and drink dr. pepper, listen to music, say nothing, say everything, crack jokes, beat up a little, get into deep discussions and tirades over the injustice of the world, and love like crazy. But I also know that my go-getter attitude tends to ruin it. I am trying to learn how to sit back and let the guy do the chasing. yah Im sure the "speak your mind" is refreshing sometimes.. but guys... you like working for it a little dont you? and I tell you what us girls really do LOVE being chased...

Seriously.. for me I have ALWAYS wanted a guy to do a big grand gesture. I have always wanted a surprise party, always hoped someone would surprise me with something sweet.. It just rarely happens.. I dont think Ive ever been truly surprised in a big way. I tell you what though... one grand gesture and Im a goner.. i tell you what.. its the truth. Maybe I shouldnt have given that away! hahahhaa..

I better go before I say anything Ill regret..

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