Thursday, March 06, 2008

Foiled again.

Today is the day of getting stuff done.

Laundry, meetings, homework, register for a class, take back movies, write a paper, eat, watch american idol from last night, mail stuff etc.

The mail lady took my cash cuz she couldnt take a credit card so I cant do my laundry. I could only find 4 of the 8 AI videos online. I read part of my reading, wrote my ASL paper and paragraphs for Ed for SJ, registered, took back movies, and mailed stuff. HURRAH> so close.. but I still have a ton of homework and very few clean clothes.

Giant step: Josh and I had civil emails today. It was a relief. Maybe someday things will settle again.. the space has helped a lot. And all of the catharsis.

PS> Bryant sent me a birthday present: a candle- in the shape of a poinsettia.. and it cost 11 bucks to ship cuz it was so huge and heavy, plus it busted the package. We set it in the middle of my popular non formal education class, lit it, and laughed as it just sat there all ugly and wonderful. I felt honored to join the weird gift tradition :)

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