Saturday, March 15, 2008

For KnitOwl.. a peek into my world of pets that I miss dearly :(

So this is Ada and Z from left to right.. when they were wee kittens... well big kittens.. I don't know where all my pics of them went but they are my girls. They are on the farm with mom right now and I am hoping to take them off her hands when I get an apartment. Last time I did that it was a disaster and they were very stressed about where my old apartment was. I think it was all the bullcats roaming outside that made them pretty territorial. They were very busy marking my apartment all year and it was not pretty. Despite that it was amazing having animals again. They are cuddle buddies and also love to interrupt your reading. Ada is tortoise shell grey with some yellow and white splotches all over, I'll find a better picture of her... She has a hoity toity attitude sometimes that makes me laugh. Very standoffish at first but loves to relax and gets very curious. Z is the cuddle monster. She will be on your lap in a second especially if there is a book to bother. she would sit directly on my textbooks while I was studying. I was often quite grateful for the excuse. They both love to sleep in sinks and on heaters. Their favorite hideouts are boxes and high places. They are mouser cats on the farm as far as inside goes. Ada was an in/out cat at my apartment but not at the farm. Z never really wanted to go out.. I think she was afraid to get her hair dirty.. :)
This is a pic of the goats a few years ago.. Its always a relaxing gorgeous place to be. Congrats on the new babies mom/grandma!
This is Brooke's dog EmmaLea. Congrats to brooke as today is her wedding day, and shout-out to Daniel who called me during the wedding so I could hear the music.. :) He rocks.

This is Jack. I miss my big puppy.. aka Megan's dog... I lived with Emma and Jack last year and as much as living with puppies was sometimes a bit much, it was nice to have animals around. and Jack gives great hugs.

Now I am off to figure out where my pics of the cats went.. it might be on my webshots..

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RheLynn said...

Ahh.. I still miss my other two sister kitties too. Seeing your two snuggling and biting within the course of a few minutes is SO like sisters indeed! Funny how one of them wanted to go outside and the other didn't!

Bummer what they did in your last apartment, hope they've broken that habit now. The cat I had at my mom's house did that but my sisters never did. Pogo and Mouse get along well here and are both inside/outside cats. Mouse is the older sister of the other two I had and is sort of a mix between the two in personality.

Great puppies too. Even though I live amongst ten dogs I really do prefer the company of cats and how they can go off and have their own space yet cuddle up (sometimes forcefully) when they want attention.

Good luck with your new apartment!