Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Easter.

I went to Keene and took a pitstop at borders. I wanted to check out the bargain section. I left with a 3dollar journal, a puzzle, and Marie Claire.

On the way home my guts called me to Chesterfield Gorge parking lot, and me my cameras (with unknown to me dying batteries) and my slippery chucks slid down a few trails to the "gorge"/creek to snap a few before the death of batteries.. It was beautiful.

I stopped by rite aid to pick up some batteries and a few other needs... When I got home before even getting in the door I slipped down the slope and took some pics at the creek. Again forewarning I am not used to my camera yet.. but this is what I came up with..


RheLynn said...

Beautiful photographs Phyllistene! Thank you for sharing your find :)

samimi-extremie said...

what the??? is that creek down by our house? i have NEVER been down there yet. isnt that DUMB? i will feel so stupid if thats the creek by our house...i was all looking at the pics, being like, "oh so pretty, i wonder where that is...". please fill in an idiot.