Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I don't take compliments well. What I mean by that is that when someone compliments me I tend to crack a joke, dismiss it, or completely internalize it as if it was a proposal in itself. haha.

The other day a friend of mine said that my necklace matched my green eyes. For some reason it never occurred to me that people actually notice my eyes being green. Probably because as most of you know I vehemently avoid eye contact unless I feel connected to someone. This is something I have been working on because I find that people will open up to me more if I give them sincere, but not creepy, eye contact.

Anyway.. moving on.. it made me laugh because it felt like one of those sappy movie moments.. my heart fluttered *he noticed*. Whats the funniest about this is that it doesn't really matter.. he isn't someone I am interested in, although he is fun to joke around with, and pretty damn funny. Despite that we are from two different worlds and we both know it so I guess thats why it is fun and ok.

Sometimes when I make realizations like this I go wayyyy too deep and connect it to crazy complicated events in my life. I am not going to do that.. as I am also not going to relate his comment to a proposal. I think he would shat his pantalones. HAHAH.

Friend, if you are reading this and know who you are... no worries :p but thanks for the pick me up!

On a side note... it is a beautiful day.. so I went tanning :)

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RheLynn said...

Ahh, how sweet :)) And I identify with you on the eye contact.. had that same issue years ago. Still have it when I'm truly nervous and not sure of myself. But if you can be sure and solid in what you are saying it helps - eye contact is easier when you're confident in yourself!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!