Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lately, my dad and I have been on the same wavelength. The past few years have felt like an uphill battle with him professionally. I have always sort of felt a negativity from him towards the things I am passionate about. I understand that I have not always had a clearly defined direction, but I always knew the type of lifestyle I wanted to live, and I knew a lot of things I DIDN"T want to do.

Tonight we had a conversation that has sort of earmarked our new journey together as father and daughter. He is looking for a new job, I am in the midst of my own career development. I feel like he is truly appreciating my passion and work ethic, understanding that who I am reflects what I want to do, and respects that I am working hard to gain the skills and education to be an effective and successful (by my own definition) human being.

It is a liberating feeling to break free of something I have resisted and dreaded. I have always known that my dad has had the best intentions for me, and that he never truly resented my beliefs and values. I know that we all have flaws, and that often we don't always know how to express and manifest certain things.. He and I have had an odd, rocky relationship. Yet we can always laugh and know that there is a consistency in our bond as father-daughter. I think I project a lot of anger onto him sometimes, and I tended to assume the worst for many years. I just hope he knows that I do love him, appreciate the support over the years, and I have only done what I knew would make me happy and fulfilled in the end... because I knew that thats really what he wants for me..

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Sarah said...

I am glad you and your dad have had a meeting of the minds..you may be more alike than you think!!

I love you dearly and miss you so. I will see you in August. Talk to you soon, and dont burn your skin again and I MEAN it, missy